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Mobile Apps: Multiplatform or native?

Native development for iOS and then paying for the Android App again? No! Developing once and using it on iOS, Android and Windows Phone! That guaranteess an unitary User Experience thrugh all platforms and is essential for a lasting and successful App.

Resumung: The right technology saves unnecessary costs from the beginning. This is a essential strategy for your mobile App being successful.

With the modern tools like Continuous Deployment and automated Unit-Tests you reduce the effort of conversion. Through effective development you can establish more User and Features but less bugs and faults.

Advantage of Multiplatform Apps

  • standardized App-Development for every audience
  • unitary Business Logik + Native App UI
  • short Time-to-Market
  • lower development costs
  • less service effort - more features
Referenzen von Mobile Apps die mit Xamarin umgesetzt worden

Our Choice: MobileApp-Development with Xamarin

  • all relevant platforms with one Framework: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • native performance & native GUI
  • access to all hardware and SDK-Features on every platform
  • zentralized examination and User-Tracking
  • Cloud Testing on thousands of real smartphones
  • many complete & unitary components

Reals Patriots - Real Cases

Successful customer apps our the best evidence for our skills. Maybe we devleop yours soon and show it up here. Let's talk!

Native & Multiplatform App: Reservix
Swisscom App developer
HTML5 Entwicklung, Pfizer

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