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E-Commerce: started small and grown fast?

To create a powerful E-Commerce platform is a crucial part in the growth strategy of every trader. Going all-in seems to be the right step after the first successful months. But as soon as changes are made a real urge for retraceabilty occurs: which changes do have an impact and which might decrease sales?

Working in a closed platform, will lead to problems: no flexibility and less control!

That is why we highly recommend Magento. It is not only open source and therefore accessible for every need and every one, but also one of the worldwide recommended systems for a powerful yet flexible infrastructure. It is supported by a proactive community of developers, agencies and open source organisations which provide extensions and customized solutions for all needs today and tomorrow.

Do not worry about the future, just be clear where you want to go. We go with you!

Important elements of E-Commerce platforms

  • Proven by big and small companies
  • Common and reliable technology
  • Flexible design and functionality
  • Calculable costs for development and maintainance
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In good company: you & Magento!

  • Optimal presentation of your products through the highest way of customizing
  • Integration with your merchandise management / your ERP-System
  • Enormous diversity of payment and shipping configurations.
  • Best performance through caching (varnish)
  • Multishops
  • Optional attribute

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