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TYPO3 Website Entwicklung
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CMS: flexible or simple?

Both of course! Your web performance should be adaptable to the most dynamic requirements of your company, today and tomorrow.

For the last 10 years we have seen TYPO3 CMS as the stairway to the web for our clients. The idea is simple: do not start from scratch. Instead, build a website that fits your needs using a solid infrastructure and thousand of extensions created by a large community.

Simple to maintain and create new pages, TYPO3 CMS is the base for making a successful content strategy and keeping your website always fresh and actual. If you are trying to move your old content or you are want to create something completely new we can help you in this process.

Important elements for choosing CMS

  • flexible
  • scalable
  • expandable
  • future-oriented
  • long time support
  • active community
  • multilingualism
  • efficient and simple
  • integrated data file management
  • maintainance without difficulty
  • produced out of user perspective
  • simple content navigation
Landesverband Badisches Rotes Kreuz e. V.
Landesverband Badisches Rotes Kreuz e. V.
TYPO3 Website Entwicklung

Websites with TYPO3 CMS

  • presentation of optional designs
  • individual extensibility through numerous available extensions or individual development
  • highest performance through caching and clustering
  • multi language
  • no license costs
  • high flexibility

Reals Patriots - Real Cases

Individual homepages are the best evidence for our skills. Maybe we devleop yours soon and show it up here. Let's talk!

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Cedric Moschallski
Cedric Moschallski
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