Magento Performance Optimization

Is your Magento Shop too slow? We make it faster.

Good performance pays for itself?

Speed is the currency on the web. Pages that need more than 2 seconds to load will lose more than half of their users and therefore, valuable conversions.

Unfortunately, the most common problems on big shops with constantly growing number of articles are long loading times on mobile devices, slow catalog search, and poor overall site speed.

Good performance pays for itself on conversions and sales! We will help you to improve the experience on your shop and retain your customers by implementing a combination of solutions for your templates, databases and communication of your servers.

Better Performance = Better Conversions Rate

Charging times under 40 ms? ✓

Magento Performance Plan

  • Analysis
  • Personalized consulting
  • Optimization of the shop system and the server environment
  • Cloud Hosting with CDN for peak loads
  • Testing for scalability and reliability
  • Implementation of failover / fallback systems
  • Monitoring of Health Status
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Our solutions and modules for better performance

  • Magento Extension Check: identify slow modules
  • Code-Checkup: Magento Core & Templates
  • Database Cleanup & Scheme Optimization
  • Google Page Speed Installation & Analysis
  • Server Analysis
  • Caching Concept
  • Magento Code Compilation
  • Use of HHVM (HipHop VM) with PHP fallback
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML compression

Reals Patriots - Real Cases

Success stories are the best evidence for our skills. Maybe we devleop yours shop soon and show it up here. Let's talk!

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Cedric Moschallski
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