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Internet of things for businesses:
When you play Tesla and it really works

Internet of things for businesses: When you play Tesla and it really works!

IOT: Only for big players?

Internet of things is no science fiction, nor rocket science. From a business perspective it could be easily understood as the art of connecting the dots scattered throughout the market.

During the last decades the social and technical infrastructure was developed by millions of entrepreneurs and companies. That was the hardest part, and now it's granted. We have a solid world wide 24/7 network called Internet, plus protocols for hardware and software communication, open-source languages and software specialists.

From the technical point of view there is no more complexity in a IoT web system than in the system behind a Custom Portal, a Social App or an E-Commerce platform.

But as each of these developments, IOT development requires an specific approach based on the limitations and opportunities of the hardware connected to the demands and interests of the user. If you don´t know how to push forward your IOT concept, our multidisciplinary team can help you. Contact us!

Considerations for IOT development

  • USER: How much value adds Internet to my product or service
  • PROTOCOLS: Which is the best way to connect my device to the internet
  • DEVICE ANALYSIS :Limitations and possibilities of the hardware
  • SOFTWARE: Which open-source languages are available in the market and which is the best to reach my goals
  • INTERFACE: Web or App based

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HTML5 Entwicklung, Pfizer

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Cedric Moschallski
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