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E-Commerce Apps: out-of-the-box or developed by (and for) you?

There is a wide range of self-advertised miraculous solutions for mobile commerce available on the market. This out-of-the-box apps are based on technologies with poor performance and designed to fit non-specific short term needs. You might be able to include your company logo and your brand colours, but the platform will lack the flexibility your company needs.

In contraposition, when you decide to build a customised App you are buying a tool that will work for your very specific organisational needs. The possibilities are huge: Whether you need to integrate a third-party database, implement complex functionalities or use the App as a complement to your existing E-Commerce platform you might be able to do it.

This reasons are based on the convenience of you and your colleagues and the management of your internal processes, but what about your sales? What about the future users of your app? What about your customers? They need to be the reason and motivation of your platform developments: as it was before the explosion of the internet their experience will define how good are your sales and conversion rates.

This experience needs to be improved constantly, and must evolve with your marketing campaigns. You need to be actual, creative and relevant in your selling channels as much as in your acquisition campaigns. 

In conclusion, when you decide to build your customised Mobile-Commerce App and you choose the right technology and partner, you are paving the way for your future marketing actions as well as your actual internal processes.

What to demand from your next E-commerce App?

  • UX/UI .
  • Native: developed for iOS & Android
  • No Compromise User experience with native device features
  • Flexible & scalable middleware technology for best mobile experience and optimized performance
  • Works with your existing E-Commerce platform (Magento or others)
  • Integration for any Data Source like PIM, ERP or other.

Real Cases

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Native & Multiplatform App: Reservix
Swisscom App developer
HTML5 Entwicklung, Pfizer

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