Who we are

The Patriots

Our Founders

Brothers Cedric and Kevin Moschallski discovered their passion for the digital world at an early age. In 2001 they turned their enthusiasm into their profession by founding the agency 3Digit GbR, based in Freiburg. Because of the continuous increase in customers and the ever-growing complexity and scale of the tasks demanded, in 2012 they had to move into their new rooms, right in the heart of Freiburg historic city centre. Here they laid down the cornerstone and home of Digitalpatrioten AG.

7 reasons to work with us

01. We are owner-managed

This means that you are directly in contact with the founders and managing directors of our agency. This way, we can ensure the highest quality work and optimum results for your project.

02. We are flexible and experienced.

You can’t talk the talk without walking the walk. And that only works out when designers design, developers stick to their programming, concept developers concentrate on their concepts and marketing professionals take care of the marketing. To keep up our high standards, we are always on the lookout for the best of the best.

03. We have a sound financial basis.

You never have to worry working with us. We are not a green start-up but successfully operating business veterans with over a decade’s worth in experience under our belt.

04. We don’t work with sub-contractors.

We hold the firm belief that you should always be able to talk directly to the people who work on your project. This way we avoid the risk of miscommunication and make sure that our team has your requirements and wishes down to a tee.

05. We give you independence.

Once we have realised your project, you will be capable of maintaining and servicing the majority of the content yourself. This means lower costs and more flexibility for you. Of course we are glad to continue to develop and maintain your website contents – but only if you wish it so.

06. We communicate in simple terms.

Connectivity, Click-Through-Rates und Auto-Respond-Services all sound like Greek to you? Well, if you tried to explain us your business in its professional terms, we are likely to be confused, too. That’s why we communicate precisely and concisely. We only speak in solutions. This creates trust and eliminates mistakes.

07. We listen to you.

We need to understand how your business model works because the result must be a solution that fits your needs exactly. To do this we take the time to learn about you, from you.


Why this name?

The traditional offline resource, the OED, defines a patriot as a person filled with patriotism. According to the contemporary online reference, Wikipedia, patriotism “is the emotional affinity with one’s own nation.”

We grew up with the new digital media. That’s why we feel attracted to it and we are eager to learn and know more about it. We are fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities and the rapid speed with which they grow. This is what makes us real patriots of the digital realm.

What are the principles we work on?

Our agency is focussed on digital services. We simplify the complex and inspire the right creative impulses to render your project unique.

The ideas and wishes of our clients are realized down to the smallest detail –the highest priority of every digital patriot – no matter if you spend just a little or a lot. Our process is very disciplined. We deliver great care and creativity without loosing an eye for the whole.

Let's talk!

Get in touch with us. We are looking forward to getting involved in your project. Just pick up the phone and call us!

Cedric Moschallski
Cedric Moschallski
Creative Pioneer & CEO